50rds – 9mm +P Speer LE Gold Dot Duty 124gr. JHP Ammo


380 acp (automated colt pistol) is a immediately-walled pistol cartridge with out a rim that has a rich history courting again to the early 1900’s. the spherical is also typically referred to as the 9mm corto, 380 automobile or 9x17mm.



Speer 124 grain jacketed hollow-factor (jhp) ammo information

we recognize you’re a actual peach of a person who’d in no way harm a fly … except you had to in self-protection. that’s why we’ll relaxation a bit simpler understanding you’ve were given speer’s le gold dot obligation 9mm +p ammo to your bring weapon’s mag. it’s were given a superb bullet and assisting additives, and it’s loaded to meet an leo’s excessive standards. (that’s a law enforcement professional, now not a person born among july 23rd and august twenty third.)

this round’s bullet is a middleweight at 124 grains, and optimized for self-defense as a gold dot jacketed hole factor. its jacket is electrochemically fused to its lead core for advanced concentricity and durability. at an amped up muzzle speed of 1,220 fps it reveals a exceptionally flat trajectory. with its without a doubt inseparable jacket it pierces common urban barriers without losing its weight or its ability to amplify correctly following penetration. even via safety glass, the most resilient barrier in the fbi test protocol, this gold dot bullet retains about eighty four percent of its weight and expands to over 1.five instances its authentic diameter.

this round’s primer is made via cci to spark up speedy and without introducing corrosive factors to a pistol’s bore. its new brass case is plated with nickel to improve functionality in a semi-car and face up to corrosion. nickel’s herbal luster also makes this round simpler to secret agent in a pistol’s darkish chamber.

that is +p ammunition, loaded to a better pressure to increase its muzzle speed. most present day 9mm handguns are designed to absorb such extended chamber stress, however do ensure yours is considered one of them.



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