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Atlantic Firearms MFG Romanian AK47, 7.62 X 39 semi auto rifle features

  • AK47/AKM
  • 7.62x39mm
  • Stamped Receiver
  • Original military surplus Romanian parts kit
  • Custom “Russian Red” style stock set
  • 4150 Nitride treated barrel
  • Nickel plated bolt and carrier
  • Manganese phosphate and Teflon black top coat finish

Built with an original military surplus Romanian parts kit and just enough US made parts to make it 922-R compliant including G2 Fire control. Barrels are high quality 4150 Nitride treated and rifle also has side rail for adding a scope mount or Optic. We have added our Russian Red stock set to give it a newer look and Nickel plated bolt and carrier. They are beautifully finished with a Top Quality manganese phosphate base and a Teflon black top coat for maximum protection. This is a great conversation piece for a collector or first time owner. Comes with 1 -30 round surplus mag (optic is for picture purposes only).  Each gun is checked for canted sights and test fired to insure function and reliability & backed up by a 1 year Atlantic Arms MFG warranty.

In the early 1960s, the Romanian Army used mostly PPSh-41, Oriţa submachine guns and imported AK-47 rifles. With the development of the stamped Type 4 AKM receiver, and the Soviet Union’s call to each of the Warsaw Pact’s nations to produce their own assault rifles chambered in 7.62mm, be they AK-47 pattern or not, the Romanian State Arsenal developed an AKM clone featuring a forward-pointing front handgrip molded into the lower handguard, called the Pistol Mitralieră model 1963. Note Wood furniture may show cosmetic imperfections.


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    Thank you for the save delivery and on time

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  3. Texas electric shopper

    Best delivery I got a remark from my company for making this come through, happy mode I am now

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    Delivery appreciated

  5. Deroco cusman

    Spend a lot of money trying to buy here from PayPal, cashapp, bitcoin, after trying all this finally made up my mine to go for bitcoin it all went well with the bitcoin after 6hrs got a confirmation respond and receipts, keep talking to the all my days until I got my package at my FFL, I was glad when I visited this site and was told services are not available for those without FFL, sound real good it motivated me to proceed with the order.

  6. Costantini esther

    Out of the box, a great buy for the money! Very happy with my purchase.ROMANIAN AK-47 RIFLE W/ RUSSIAN RED FURNITURE
    Built like a tank, good trigger, smooth bolt, mag lock in solid…will shoot out fireballs and zero malfunctions so far.

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