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Czechpoint Sa vz.58 pistol in 7.62×39 Features

  • high quality barrel manufactured by Lothar Walther in Germany
  • chrome-lined Threaded barrel 14×1 right hand
  • Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer
  • Phantom flash hider
  • patented push-down plate on bolt carrier to prevent misfire issues (Czech Small Arms vz. 58 firearms are the only vz. 58s manufactured with this vital part to ensure reliability)
  • drilled and tapped side rail holes in receiver for do-it-yourself side rail installation for optic mounts (side rail and optic mount not included with pistol)
  • semi gloss/matte black finish cured at 300 °F over phosphate.
  • two 30 round aluminum magazines. (Style magazines may vary.)
  • owner’s manual
  • cleaning kit
  • sling
  • 5 year warranty

Manufactured by Czech Small Arms in Jablunka, Czech Republicthen and Imported by Czeckpoint USA for the USA shooting enthusiasts and collectors. The SA VZ-58 Pistol is a great firearms for fun range use or as a SBR (short Barrel Rifle) Project after NFA approval.  The Sa vz. 58 pistol was imported by CzechPoint into the USA with the CSA rear sling swivel and sling swivel plate.  CzechPoint removed the sling swivel screw and plate and attached the CSA AR15/M4 adapter to mount the Shockwave Blade brace.  The SA. VZ58 Pistol has drilled and tapped holes for the receiver side rail, this means you can easily install a side rail by removing the two screws in the receiver and screw on the side rail with a hex/Allen wrench.


Please note: These firearms now include a bayonet lug not pictured

4 reviews for SA VZ 58 PISTOL 762B 12″- CZECHPOINT

  1. Fewfewsmallstore

    SA VZ 58 PISTOL 762B 12″- CZECHPOINT was sold to me last year at 2000$,it did not last for long hope this one you shipped to me will last,sorry am not doubting your words

  2. iCloudsenes

    Don’t play with me when I got this around, imma kill all I see as bad guys.

  3. Ggg

    Milkis public stuff, don’t miss to have one dude wahaaaaaa.

  4. Jeowella Benjamin

    Good deal thanks

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