50 Rounds of 124gr HP 9mm + P Ammo by Speer

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50 rounds of 124gr hp 9mm +p ammo by using speer!

for the average citizen the percentages of carrying out a gunfight are pretty low. so given the long odds that these days is your day, why play around use something less than the pros use every single day to maintain our streets secure. introducing the 124gr hp 9mm + p round with the aid of speer. the identical round used by law enforcement around this terrific nation every day, you may have the same peace of thoughts as those for whom a gunfight is a daily opportunity.

on account that 1943, speer has been producing high best ammunition manufactured right here in america in lewiston, idaho. this properly priced p.c. of fifty rounds will not simplest deliver enough price to present you each range and every day convey use, but with a muzzle velocity of 1220 ft consistent with 2nd it presents electricity for your penny as well. this round jacketed hollow point round is boxer-primed, brass-cased and geared up to go to be just right for you nowadays similar to it does for the lads in blue for the duration of this kingdom. Buy 50 Rounds of 124gr HP 9mm online

1 review for 50 Rounds of 124gr HP 9mm + P Ammo by Speer

  1. Tayol

    This shit moves fast, it never fails not for a second, those I bought from the dack market were not good ,thank you for this

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