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Definitive Arms WBP Polska CG1 Enhanced AK47 Features

  • Definitive Arms DAG-13, 13 position adjustable gas block
  • Brand New Polish Production parts from WBP Poland
  • FB Radom Polish Cold Hammer Forged Chrome lined 7.62x39mm barrel threaded 14mmx1 left hand
  • Childers Guns CG1 Receiver
  • Polish Forged Trunnion
  • Definitive Arms DAKM Lite Rail, for side mount optics
  • Definitive Arms 14mmx1LH Fighter brake
  • ALG AKT Fire control group
  • Original Polish Laminate Wood handguards
  • Definitive Arms M4 stock adapter
  • Mission First tactical Minimalist Stock
  • Finished using a Manganese Phosphate base coat with Black Teflon top coat
  • Currently Not Eligible for Layaway Plan

AK47s continue to sell out faster then they can be stocked. Please be patient and understanding as we work hard to supply our clients. Don’t forget to sign up for the Email notification if you find a product you want is out of stock!

These Polish WBP AK47 Enhanced Rifles were built by Atlantic Arms MFG with a mixture of Definitive Arms and WBP Polish Parts. These AK47 rifles are an Atlantic Exclusive and were built to not only showcase the WBP parts, but to highlight the Definitive Arms DAG-13 adjustable gas block and other Definitive Arms parts.

At the core of this rifle is a Brand New production, WBP Imported Polish Parts kit with enough US parts to make these Civilian legal and 922R Compliant. Atlantic has packed these rifles with high quality features like a New Polish Cold Hammer Forged Chrome lined and threaded barrel by FB Radom, complete with removable Definitive Arms Fighter brake. Another core component of this build is the Childers Guns CG1 premium receiver. These are beautiful receivers that have a reputation for excellent manufacturing quality and longevity. Definitive Arms parts include, the M4 stock adapter, for the Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock, the DAKM Lite side mount rail for attaching a scope mount for your optic of choice and, of course the DAG-13 adjustable gas block.

The Definitive Arms DAG-13 allows for fine tuning of gas entering your system for recoil management, cyclic rate, shooting suppressed and weapon longevity. This part is a restrictive gas adjustment system so it does not vent extra gas, it actually will prevent surplus gas from getting into the gas system. Thus, resulting in a cleaner operation and better sound reduction, especially while shooting suppressed! This may also improve accuracy by reducing amount of gas impingement inside of block on low settings.

We were extremely happy with this AK47 and think the combination of quality WBP parts, Definitive Arms DAG-13, and ALG trigger has provided an amazing rifle to shoot with extremely fast and accurate follow up shots!

Money Back Guarantee on PRO Series

We are confident that you will be pleased with the Atlantic Arms MFG PRO Series product and we will back these products with a 14-day Money back guarantee. The customer will have 14 calendar days from the date of delivery to your dealer to inspect the product and test fire the weapon.  If the product is not as we have described, we will gladly offer you a full refund of the price of the item and pay return shipping. We do this because we know the items will perform well due to the extensive quality control process and test firing program at AA MFG. If you have  a problem or any concerns, please email our office with all your contact info and we will get back to you ASAP.

There are limitations to this money back guarantee and these are listed below:

• All reported issues will be validated upon the return.  If we cannot duplicate the reported issue you will be responsible for a 20% restocking fee.
• All returned items must include all original accessories, information and packaging.
• All returned items must be in an As-New-Condition. Test firing is acceptable but, abusing the item and sending it back is not acceptable.
• The item cannot be modified or damaged(finish included) and then returned. Unless the damage occurred during transit or other extenuating circumstances..
• Atlantic Firearms LLC is not responsible for the effects/results of using bad ammunition or improperly hand loaded ammunition.

Ultimately we want you to be happy with your new PRO Series purchase from Atlantic.


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    Dem it .nothing good like getting this refill at my place this noon . Keeping to your promises makes me feel like advertising you on all my platforms but I can get myself into trouble

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