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VZ58 Mag Well Adapter USGI M16/AR-15 Magazines


The Czech Small Arms mag well adapter is made of polymer (Zytel 80g25h) and includes all parts to use mil-spec aluminum USGI M16/AR-15 magazines in vz.58 5.56x45mm rifles and vz.58 5.56x45mm pistols (all parts included with the adapter are shown in the photo above). The mag well adapter will not fit or function in 7.62×39 vz.58 rifles or pistols. The mag well adapter bolt catch locks the bolt to the rear on an empty USGI magazine.

The Czech Small Arms mag well adapter was designed specifically for aluminum mil-spec USGI M16/AR-15 5.56x45mm magazines. During research and development of the mag well adapter, CSA confirmed that different brands of M16/AR-15 magazines can vary considerably in size and in construction. Due to the limited space within the vz.58 magazine well, CSA could not design the adapter to function with all M16/AR-15 magazines found on the market. It is this reason that CSA designed the adapter to function reliably with aluminum mil-spec USGI magazines.

For highest reliability in feeding, activation of bolt catch, and dropping freely of the mag well adapter when ejected, CSA recommends the new manufacturer branded magazines below. These mil-spec USGI M16/AR-15 magazines exhibited outstanding fit and function during mag well adapter testing.

D&H Industries
Okay Industries
Lancer model L5AWM

Addtional magazine information gained from testing:

  •  Surplus/old stock USGI 30 round magazines were found to drop freely and easily using the following branded magazines: Colt, Adventure Line, and Labelle. Feeding and bolt catch performed flawlessly.
  •  P-mag and E-mag will not fit/function without without taking a few minutes with a file and removing plastic in areas that rub.
  •  An old 20 round Vietnam era magazine did not fit nor function well.
  •  Thermolds do not fit/function
  •  Israeli Orlites do not fit/function
  •  New production 30 round aluminum magazines from Brownells did not activate the bolt catch. In addition, these magazines did not drop freely from the adapter.
  •  Tango Down ARC magazine will not fit/function without taking a few minutes with a file and removing plastic to allow full insertion.
  •  C-Products magazines are not recommended as some magazines fit and function perfectly while other magazines do not activate the bolt catch and/or drop freely.


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